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Grace Ruvimbo Chirenje

Grace is a feminist known for her magnanimous African energy and strong dedication to doing her work in all spheres. She is a former Youth Advisor for East Africa with Action Aid International Uganda.


Her background is humanities. She holds an Honors degree in African Languages and Culture, Masters in Leadership and Management and is writing her PHD thesis in Gender, Feminism and Sexualities with a minor in leadership.


Grace’s passion is working with women, young people and facilitating for their highest level of human potential development. She is also a writer, mother, wife, sister, talk show host and lives life to the fullest. To ground her soul and center her energy, Grace loves reading, body combat, aerobics, swimming and communing with nature.


As a feminist fund, CivFund will greatly benefit from Grace’s feminism experience as well as support toward grassroot communities.

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