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Deadline: Open

Zishaye Grassroots Fund provides support to grassroots civil society organizations, groups, individuals and movements to achieve social change. The fund seeks to ignite conversations, dreams, opportunities and change through this funding. The fund is also keen on amplifying grassroots voices through building strategic partnerships between various actors. Zishaye Grassroots Fund is an activist-led fund, using feminist grantmaking principles, in support of Ugandan ideas and initiatives.

Call for Concept Notes: Capacity Building, Leadership Development & Mentoring

Zishaye Grassroots Fund is looking for concepts that seek to build the capacity of grassroots organizations and their leaders to better deliver on their mandate in the fields of social justice and human rights. The fund seeks to support grassroots initiatives because we believe communities that are directly affected by these issues are the most effective at leading efforts to address them.


Does this describe you? If so, we want to hear from you!


​You are a civil society actor (organization, individual, group, club) in pursuit of human rights protection and social justice work.

  • You have identified a training opportunity and are willing to commit to the full-time scope of the capacity building opportunity.

  • You can demonstrate how the opportunity is relevant to your current area of work and how it will benefit those you work with.


  • You have experience in coaching or mentoring civil society actors in their diversity.

  • You wish to innovate and test capacity building models that can be sustained and scaled up.


If this fits your profile, then this call is for you!


Submitting a concept note

Download the application form here Application Form and submit by email at: or by the post office, sending it to the following address:


Zishaye Grassroots Fund

P.O Box 4310, Kampala.

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