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Land, Water & Climate Justice
About Zishaye Grassroots Fund
Zishaye is a Zulu word meaning to Ignite. Zishaye grassroots provides support to grassroots civil society organisations, groups, individuals and movements to achieve social change. Zishaye grassroots seeks to ignite conversations, dreams, opportunities and change through this funding. The fund is also keen on amplifying grassroots voices through building strategic partnerships between various actors. Zishaye grassroots is an activist-led fund, using feminist grantmaking principles, in support of Ugandan ideas and initiatives.

Zishaye Grassroots Fund priorities for 2021 through 2025 are land water and climate justice. We seek to amplify the voices of those most impacted by climate change because they have the best solutions yet contributed the least to the climate crisis. These are frontline communities and their solutions start with defending their land, rivers, lakes other natural resources. We acknowledge that climate change is more of an ethical and political issue and not just environmental.

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Our Grantmaking Cycle

Call for proposals
Pre-award & Assessment 
Grants award 

Grant implementation

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